"The expressionistic creativity of my art brings into being an integrated categorical reaction that reflects the depth and range of feelings that   people exude or suppress as they contemplate life's joys, sorrows and upsets. Through my paintings I seek refuge in the comfort of soothing shapes and colors to reveal the emotions of the human condition.

My work captures what I call "the emotives" what we unconsciously sense from people the quiet, unsaid, ill defined repressed communications that surround a person in a cloud of barely perceptible thoughts and inner feelings as they go about their daily routine. In my paintings the portrayal of facial features and the body are deliberately not exacting. Instead, the face is defined just enough to capture the subject's essence and the body parts stylized so the viewer can experience the real conversation of the subject - their mood, their core, their essence, their private most thoughts, "the emotives".

As an expressionistic stone sculptor I extend to my paintings sensuous surfaces to tell a story of people in an environment. Prior to starting a painting I study the subject with the focus on that what is not obvious, what is not being said, what is being repressed, hidden or kept from public display. Once discovered the story is ready for translation to canvass. My unique linear style begins with a very simple outline, a strong line, usually black to emphasize the shapes and composition. Light, although important, plays a secondary role. My trademark is the uninhibited strong, bold, yet soft, use of color combinations, all incorporated into a unique design to produce a canvass of definitive emotional expression. Often the color red is used to add a touch of strength or drama.

The creative process, painting, sculpting, interior design, composing poetry, all excite me. The birth of a piece begins by understanding its complexities and possibilities; it is completed when the design and color create a work that "speaks" to my soul. Whether whimsical, sensuous, or serious, the use of strong shapes, contrasted with unconventional combinations of colors, produce works that are simplistically understated yet powerful, and that tell a harmonious story."


"untitled, woman VII", 24 x 36 oil on canvas





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